Trinity Clothiers Ambassador Program

Program Overview

The Trinity Clothiers’ Ambassador program aims to connect more intimately with our most engaged customers and partners. We hope to grow our brand exponentially and in an authentic manner through tight-knit relationships and to thus provide outstanding, high quality, made-to-order clothing to our customers.

The Ambassador Program is a way for our customers and partners to receive complimentary Trinity Clothiers products in exchange for evangelizing the Trinity Clothiers message and referring new customers to Trinity.

Program Description

We seek ambassadors who are genuinely interested in our products and find true value in sharing their knowledge of our products with their networks. Trinity Clothiers offers made-to-order suits and shirts at off the rack prices and desires to organize community efforts and projects to make high end professional clothing more accessible to various communities. The products we sell are the opposite of fast fashion: our products are high quality and long lasting.

We are looking for ambassadors who are enthusiastic about this prospect and who are opinion leaders within their respective networks.  Many of our first ambassadors will be offered the position personally. We plan to build our core community of members organically with high impact influencers who are genuinely interested in our mission.

What we gain:

Key items we are looking to obtain with this program are:

- to sell more Trinity products
- to raise brand and mission awareness through referrals and social media

What we offer to our Ambassador Program partners:

A 10% discount referral code to use personally or with their network. With increasing use of this referral code comes increasing rewards:

5 uses of ambassador referral code: free made-to-order shirt
10 uses of ambassador referral code: free made-to-order suit

Once our ambassadors earn shirts and or suits, we’d like them to display their clothing within their social media networks to continue to enhance the Trinity Clothiers brand.

The team at Trinity is excited about the prospect of working with you.