We know that taking measurements can be a bit tedious, so we’ve worked hard to make it as easy for you as possible. Please help us to create the perfect fit for you by reading the instructions carefully and giving us the correct measurements.


What will you need?

1) A fabric measuring tape. Please avoid string or metallic measuring tape.
2) Assistance from another person as it can be very difficult to measure yourself alone with the necessary accuracy.
3) A shirt that fits best around your chest and shoulders. If you're unsure, just take your best guess and a pair of trousers/pants (NO jeans please!).

When taking measurements:

1) Always take the true measurement. Never ever! pull the measuring tape tight or give any ease.
2) All measurements should be made to nearest ½ inch.
3) When taking the measurements stand upright, don't slouch or bend over to read the inches as this won't give you a true measurement.
4) Please provide us your actual measurements and don't just mention off-the-rack sizes you wear. A custom tailored item is designed to fit your unique specifications, rather than the rough-and-ready approximations and averages used in off-the-rack clothing.
The key to keeping this process short and simple is to not think about it too much – don’t fret over ¼ of an inch – all the measurements will be scrutinised by our Master Tailor for accuracy and he will get in touch with you if something is out of the ordinary. Just be consistent in how you measure - Ideally, taking a few sets of measurements for those who are novices at this is the best thing to do.